P16 – Memory game

Students aged 7 โ€“ 11 will prepare pictures for a memory game, this activity
will last for 5 weeks, conducted by teachers during lessons. These pictures
will be drawn, each partner school will have a different theme: Sardinia –
water animals, Croatia – water transport, Czech republic โ€“ weather, Portugal
โ€“ water energy, Spain โ€“ ecology, Lithuania โ€“ water sports. Each memory
game will consist of 32 paired pictures in printed and digital version. Printing
of the memory game at each parner school and all students participating in
this activity will play the game with classmates during lessons (e.g.
Geography, English)
A memory game as a result of this activity will be brought to the 4th mobility,
will be presented, exchanged with schools (exchange of good practices).

Czech Republic – Weather

Here is the link where everybody can learn vocabulary or just simply have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Sardinia – Water animals
Croatia – water transport
Spain – ecology
Lithuania – water sports
portugal – water energy