P5 – Save the water

Compilation of a team in each school = โ€œEco Teamโ€ – students aged 11โ€“15.
Team finds all water meters at school, records the status of water meters,
students records measurements for 30 days, Czech Republic prepares a
chart for recording all measurements used at all participating schools.
Discussion within the team about possible technical precautions and how to
implement a campaign: Save the water, report from the meeting will be used
for a presentation. Propaganda preparation โ€“ selection of pictures that will be
visible near washing basins, an article for schoolโ€™s radio, purchase of water
Presentation of water consumption measuring – data processing into a chart,
graph, calculation of water consumption per person at school, and also the
average amount of money per this consumption, comparing water
consumption in different days and weeks, reflecting on differences in
Implementation of technical precautions.
Propaganda โ€žSave the waterโ€œ.