P6 – Recording water consumption

P6 activity follows up on P5 activity. Water consumption – new round of
measurements by “Eco Team”, students records measurements for 30 days.
At the end of this activity- presentation of measuring: data processing into a
chart, graph, calculation of water consumption per person at school, and also
the average amount of money per this consumption. Comparing water
consumption in different days and weeks, reflecting on differences in
measurements, this presentation will be brought into the 2nd mobility.
Students will prepare one final presentation that will contain information
about water consumption before and after implementation of technical
precautions, all tables, graphs, pictures, reports.
During the 2nd mobility all prepared and brought presentations by each
school will be presented during the conference followed by an open
discussion (all visitors + students involved – „eco team“), all presentations will
be placed on the project’s website, Erasmus+ Result Platform and