P7 – Creation of a water resource map

Map creation (drawing) that will include all water resources around the school within a radius of 1km (approximately): wells, springs, streams, rivers, ponds,
water dams etc. The size and shape of the map is not prescribed. In the first
step students (aged 9 โ€“ 11) will discuss the topic during their Geography
(Science) lessons and will start collecting all needed information: research,
using books, maps, internet, collecting taken pictures, interviewing people. In
the second step students will draw a map (conducted by teachers), this will
be a continuous activity for 5 weeks.
Map creation
Videoconference โ€“ presenting one map per school, discussion about
interesting facts. Christmas wishes.
Map displaying on a notice board (web pages), each school will send
photographs of created maps to partner school to be presented to other
students on a notice boeard.