P12 – Artificial waterworks

This activity will last for 10 weeks.
Students aged 12 โ€“ 15 will during the next 3 weeks in Science lessons
search for the most interesting artificially created waterworks (in their
country) that change water energy to another kind of energy (motion,
electrical, etc.). At the end of the research a responsible Science teacher will
choose the one waterwork of energy that will represent their country, detailed
information about this waterworks (location, functioning, interesting features,
pictures) will be processed into a presentation by a group of students. This
presentation will be brought into a 3rd mobility for a further discussion and
comparison with other countries. All presentations will be used for a
magazine creation conducted by Portuguese school, magazine will be also
placed on Twinspace and projectโ€™s website
At the end of this activity a prepared presentation will be presented by
students to all other students of upper grade during Science lessons, open

Completed presentation from all school
Czech Republic

The most powerful hydroelectric power plant in the Czech Republic – Dlouhรฉ strรกnฤ›, here is our presentation, a document to be used in a magazine ๐Ÿ™‚


The most important waterwork in our region:

Art exhibition at school:


Spanish presentations of the waterworks in our region: