P21 – Aquatic animals

Research on local aquatic animals: student aged 10 โ€“13, during Geography lessons, conducted by teachers. Atlas of aquatic local animals as a result of
this 8 weeks lasting activity: 5 animals living in the water, 5 animals living on
the water and 5 animals living close to the river or the sea, digital version will
be placed on Twinspace and websites.The names of the animals in English +
English definition + photos of the animals + translation of the names into
national languages โ€“ will be done by each partner school. Processing of
gathered materials into presentations. Partner schools exchange materials on
aquatic local animals with partner schools and translate it into their native
Schools pass translated materials to Lithuanian partner- school will create an
atlas. Later the atlas will put into the Twinspace of the project, will be brought
into the mobility in Lithuania and later distributed among students.

This is the atlas with the contribution of all the partners:

Online atlas of aquatic animals.

or in PDF