P18 – Importance and Influence of water in our area

Students from all classes in each partner school will take part in several
visits, walks, excursions within Geography or Science lessons, covering the
theme: Importance and influence of water in our area. This activity will last
until the end of January 2020, results will be: photo documentation and
written articles about the importance and influence of water. This can be
captured on 5 water features (lakes, rivers, dams, sea, springs, clouds, rain
At the end of this activity, teachers will select photographs and articles
prepared by students during this activity. These will be brought into the 5th
mobility in Spain: prepared and brought photographs and articles will be
presented during the discussion followed by a creation of magazine โ€“
Importance and influence of water in our area, magazine creation will be
conducted by Spanish school, used for further distribution at schools and
digital version placed on Twinspace and websites

Final magazine with the contribution of all partners:

Czech Republic