P13 – Spain

This is the powerpoint presentation in which you can see how kids prepared their artworks for the art exhibition regarding water disasters:

These are the five chosen artworks to represent our school in the online exhibition together with the other pieces of art from the rest of the schools:

Authors: Stefanía Cirera and Mateo Pérez
Ages: 12 and 13
“The big wave”
Authors: Cristina García and Ana Saz
Ages: 12 both
Authors: Daniel Rodríguez and David del Hoyo
Ages: 12 and 13
“The power of Nature”
Authors: Gonzalo Sáinz and Santiago Sánchez
Ages: 12 both
“Killer wave”
Authors: Belén Vera and Patricia Tilve
Ages: 13 and 12

The art exhibition in the school, in the Erasmus+ Corner: