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Masaryk primary school in Melč

  • You can find Masaryk Primary school in the Czech republic (our website) in the Moravian – selesian region, almost 365 km away from its capital – Prague. The school is located in a rural area, in a small village Melč, surrounded by a beautiful countryside. The school was established in 1935 to place an equal emphasis on the educational, social and psychological development of children.  The school provides a quality learning environment for 211 children aged from 6 to 15. The total number of staff is 40, including 16 teachers at primary school, 7 teachers at nursery, 1 assistant for pupils with special needs and 16 other employees. Our school consists of 3 parts:
    • Nursery – children aged 2 to 6, placed in two separete buildings
    • Primary school – children aged 6 to 10, 5 classes
    • Secondary school – children aged 11 to 15, 4 classes Most of the students are from the neighbouring area, but many come to school from the adjacent rural areas. They have different backgrounds, a few come from poor families at risk of social exclusion, 22 students are from an orphanage house, but most of them come from bi-parental families. We deliver a curriculum which is challenging, creative and inspiring within a supportive and friendly environment. We try to support our students to achieve their personal best, to develop their personalities  and attain above avarage standards. The students have the opportunity of practical experiences in 9 classrooms, a lab, a big gym, a library, a playing field, a football pitch, language, Art, Maths and ICT classrooms, a canteen, an after school club, a workshop room.  All classrooms are well equipped with interactive boards and data projectors, where everybody can use a wireless connection. In our school we value the respect for ourselves and the others, the self – discipline and integrity, the cultural diversity and the love to nature. Parents are an active part of our activities, giving support as often as needed. Students can participate in a wide range of after-school classes. Thanks to them they are able to develop their passions, needs and interests. Our staff works well as a team to provide a good atmosphere that promotes students‘ confidence and learning.  We recognize that children are unique individuals, that they are all special in their own way. We realize many different programmes: we promote Healthy lifestyle, Eco school, Fair school